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Ioannis Vorgias has shown a keen interest in art since childhood, whilst later studying art, in Athens and both later on, in Italy.

On his return to Greece, he continued to maintain contacts with many contemporary young artists and especially with the eminent, then, Dimitris Perdikidis, who had a brilliant career in Spain.


During 1993, in Athens, he founded the Centre of Life Long Learning, “BORGIAS Fine Art, Culture & Design” with a range of complete visual programmes (www.borgias-art.gr)

He teaches freehand drawing, colour, philosophy and art history.

International and local publications have mentioned his work, such as “Who is Who”, “Melissa”, etc., as well as reputable art critics and people of the arts, a few to mention are Fotis Mastichiadis, (engraver) and the art critics Vassos Kountouridis, Kyriakos Valavanis, as well as many more.

He lives and works in Paleo Faliro, where his art school is located.

He speaks four languages, fluently.

For reasons of confidentiality, there is a number of artworks which we are unable to illustrate here. Please, contact us to discover what else we currently have for sale.

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