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The mirror of life in city

34x22,82 cm

A priest walks down the stairs with a student who guides him inside the Metropolis bell tower in the town of Sibu

32,98x22,15 cm

A moment in time

34x22,86 cm

A young modern girl

24,77x32,98 cm

A bicycler was running slow in the center of brasov while a lady was crossing the street.

32,98x26,63 cm

Artist Bio +-

Yannis Bouloubasis wan born in Athens, Greece, in 1977. He studied photography at the Organization of Vocational Education and Training of N.Smirni (Athens) with a specialization in architectural and archaelogical photography. He also studied cinematography and street photography at the University of Athens.

He collaborated with the agencies: Stivos, Anagnostopouli, Botsi. He worked for the magazines: Geo, Geotropio, Paremvoli, Thor, Propaganda, Runner and the newspaper Naftemporiki. His work “Travel in time – Humans” was hosted at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and at the En Plo bookstore.

His photographic work has been published abroad in Vice (agency in New York), Balkan Culture(culture magazine in Sofia) and in Greece, in greck newspapers and magazines: Kathimerini, Naftemporiki, Ta Nea, To Vima, Tho Dimoprasion, Culture Now, El Culture, Click at Life, Photonet, Photographos, Fractal, Black Monday, Apodyoptes, New Post, Timelink, Post Larissa, 1 Focus.
On February 2014 his photograph won the first prize in the “Street View Spanish Photography”.

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Photo by Adrianna Calvo