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L’heure bleu électrique

40x40 cm

Portrait de femme dépassement de se soi

40x40 cm

Au-delà des corps

40x40 cm

Une sensualité à géométrie variable

40x40 cm

A ghost is like a place

40x40 cm

Commissaires sur le lieu du crime

40x40 cm

You will own a piece of art history

40x40 cm

Symboles sacrés

40x40 cm

Cosmos ,the boat of my life

40x40 cm

The Π+A Project is an alter reality created by the collaboration between the conscious mind and the obsessions of the artists Pelly Angelopoulou and Alex Leotard.


Artist Statement

''My last project Π + A ,unconventional correlations composed by 115 artworks . It is a result of an
unconvetional colaboration between the provocative artists Pelly Angelopoulou and Axel Leotard.
What this project is about? is an attempt to create a visual representation of the excessively visual world
we are living on. In the age of fake news, fake photos, photoshop and youtube videos the artist captures,
through the medium of collage, its essence.
The subject is above all the human being, It is not about « us »it is about inclusion , inspired by creations,
life journeys and an intimate dialogue progressively developed between the two artists on social norms
and politics.
They touch on issues of identity, social classification, the meeting and mixing of different cultures,
genders, periods of time and art. The interpretation strives to be re-constructive rather than decostructive.
It uses humour, sarcasm as well as romanticism. The works themselves want to encourage the spectator to
wonder and to reflect.''

Artist Bio +-

Pelagia Angelopoulou, born in Athens Greece, studied painting, history of art and mosaics at the
University of Fine Arts in Athens.
She was teaching the art of mosaic at the University of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece.
Series of solo exhibitions in Japanese Museums in Tokyo, Osaka and Utsunomiya, organised by
the major publishing group the “Yomuri Shimbun” in collaboration with the Japanese Agency of
Cultural Affairs.
Solo exhibitions, private and public commissions in Belgium, Greece, Germany, France,
Netherlands, USA, United Arab Emirates.
She holds a solo exhibition in the Royal Museum of Art and History of Cinquantennaire in
Her work “Crown” was installed next to the sarcophagus of his Holiness the Pope,
John-Paul the II.
She works on art projects in Moscow and St Petersburg
Participation in the Moscow Bienalle with “reliquarium”, a mixed media installation.
She works on commissioned public and private artworks and at the same time through
experimentation and research she developed her new way of expression by the use of collage that
allows her to observe and analyse the subjects of her own interests, concerning politics,arts,races
,sexual identities genders,social classifications and the mixing of cultures,genders,classes and

• The result is the Π+Α, unconventional correlations”project
Museums and Private Collections
Angelopoulou’s works can be found in Museums private and public Collections and in historical
monuments of Europe, USA, Japan and Russia
National Gallery Athens, Greece
Vorres Museum Athens Greece
Odaquye Museum, Tokyo
Saint-Pantaleon, 10th century Romanesque Church, Koeln, Germany.
Saint-Dimitrions Basilica, 5th century church in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Saint-Catherine, Byzantine Church of the 10th century,Athens.Greece
Historic City Hall of Koeln
Akhmetov Foundation Moscow
Many essays about her work have been published in newspapers and magazines of Europe, USA,
Japan ,United Arab Emirates and Russia

Solo Shows
2014 Mosaic and Architecture .Museum of Architecture Moscow
2012 “Reliquarium”, Moscow Biennial, Musivum Gallery, Moscow
2010 The temple of Nature, “art play”, Moscow
2008 Royal Museum of Art and History of Cinquantennaire, Brussels, Belgium
2007 “Crown”, relief mosaic installed next to the sarcophagus of His Holliness the Pope John-Paul
2007 Tour et Taxis Royal Hall,under the patronage of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the
Mayor Of Brussels ,Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
2006 Grand Hyatt Hotel, sponsored by Dexia Bank and Qatar Airways, Dubai, U.A.E.
2006 Abu Dhabi Golf Club, organised by Qatar Airways
2005 Brauweiler Abbey Kapitelsaale, Koeln, Germany
2005 St. Pantaleon Romanesque monument, Koeln, Germany
2004 “Manifest of the Stone”, Greek embassy in Brussels, Belgium
2004 “Manifest of Stone”, Art in the City hall, Lindenthall-Koeln, Germany
2004 “Manifest of the Stone”, Art in the Langerichts (Senior Court) Aachen, Germany
2004 “Manifest of the Stone”, Leverkusen, organised by the Morsbroich Museum, Germany
2004 Olympia Kunst und Griecheland, “Airport gallery” Frankfurt Germany
2003 Exhibitions Hall of the city of Dûsseldorf
2003 “Written on Stone”, Gallery Amagalma, Brussels, Belgium
2002 Historic City Hall of Koeln, under the patronage of the Mayor, Germany
2002 Hilton Hotel of Brussels, Belgium
2002 St Pantaleon Medieval monument of 10th century, Koeln, Germany
2001 Economic and Social Committee of E.U. in Brussels, under their patronage
2000 Galerie Soho in Den Haag, The Netherlands
1999 “Espace Bortier”, organised by the city of Brussels, Belgium
1997 European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
1991 Odaquye Museum of Tokyo, organised by the renowned Japanese publishing group Yomuri
Shimbun and the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan and the Association of the Japanese
Museums, Japan
1991 Seibu Museum in Osaka, organised by the Yomuri Shimbun, Japan
1991 Robison’s Gallery in Utsunomiya, organised by Yomuri Shimbun, Japan
1988 Greek painting 1968-1988 organised by the Greek National Gallery at the European Council
in Brussels, Belgium
1986 Zygos Gallery, Athens, Greece
1986 Zygos GalleryWashington D.C., U.S.A.
1983 Zygos Gallery, Athens, Greece
1974 Greek Biennale (Athens) selected to participate while still studying, Athens, Greece


Main Publications
“The Greek Painting” 1966-1986, published by the Greek National Gallery, 1986.
Angelopoulou Pelagia “The modern Greek mosaic”, published by the “Yomiuri Shimbun”, Tokyo,
Japan, 1991.
“Allotrope Aesthetics”, published by the Greek Ministry of Culture, 2004
“Mosaic and Architecture” published by the Achmetov Foundation, Moscow, 2011
“Reliquarium”, published by the “Musivum Gallery”, Moscow, 2011

• Professor Manos Stefanidis
The uniqueness of the work of Pelagia Angelopoulou, is that she managed to break away from the
strict limits of the frame as well as from the sterile representation of reality. She creates pieces
relief and three dimensions in a kind of post-Byzantine pop-art. In her compositions she combines
painting, collage, sculpture and even architecture. If the tessera is the symbol of the minimum
structure, is the basis on which our whole world is built as well as an image, then the work of
Pelagia Angelopoulou is thoroughly geometrical and notional in the sense of structuralism or
semantic art. Structure art conceptual. And this is exactly where a plethora of expressions are born,
like the austerity of the structure, the luxury of the produced image, the chance of the material,

fragile or modest units and the splendor of the final result, so that history and tradition are re-
proposed in a way that is not only impressive but original as well. One of her common “requests” is
the pursuit of the spiritual through the correlation of the material and the reading of history in
contemporary terms. That is why her work can touch and speak to the people of the 21st century.

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