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Flatlands 1

Charcoal, oil on canvas

100x75 cm

Flatlands 2

Charcoal , oil, pastel on canvas

135x103 cm

Flatlands 3

Charcoal, acrylic, oil on canvas

126x90 cm

Flatlands 4 (diptych)

Oil, acrylic, pastel on canvas

120x120(each) cm

Flatlands 8

Oil,acrylic,charcoal,pastel on canvas

170x130 cm

Flatlands 10

Oil on canvas

120x100 cm

Flatlands 11 (diptych)

Oil, acrylic, pastel on canvas

100x80 cm / 95x90 cm

Flatlands 13

Oil,acrylic,charcoal on canvas

125x90 cm


Oil,pastel on canvas

80x60 cm

Artist Bio +-

Alexandra Mantzari  was born in 1989 in Larisa.

In 2008, she started studying at Faculty of   Fine  Arts and Design, Dept Graphic Arts Technology and she graduated in 2012. In 2016, she finished courses lessons in Web Design at Kapodistrian University of Athens. In 2017, she started studying  in the Faculty of Visual and Applied Arts, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She’s watching courses from professors George Tsakiris and Vasilis Vasilakakis. Her works have been featured in the covers of art magazines and poetry collections. He is the first young artist to receive awards at the Osten  Biennale of Drawing (Skopje) and the third design award at the Pan-Hellenic “Parallel Roads” competition at the Vafopouleio Cultural Center in Thessaloniki.



The themes of her work refer to external and “internal” landscapes. Through the need to express her psychic world and liberate myself through it, gestural but primarily mental, she create fantasy scenes or landscapes. Materials such as oil, charcoal, acrylics and oil pastel are used on canvas, linen and paper to describe the “scene”. The works are characterized by a tendency to flee, a personal escape, in which the passage leaves its mark, with lines giving the intensity, the dramatic element and the feeling of movement.

What is required here is deconstruction and subtraction. The works are read as a set where the real gradually changes into a relation of volumes and lines, devoid of descriptive details.

Through abstract expressionism, the eyebrow created gives her a sense of the living, the real. Black scriptures, surrounded by dark, white or even transparent background. The shapes and scriptures that are created describe in an abstract way the mental mood. They begin and resemble symbols that interact with large forms in space. The background is what interests her the least, as it serves a space-free space in which this interaction of symbols evolves.

Color, shape and composition cease to be used to describe the outside world and activate the possibilities of generating dynamic expressions that reveal the spirit of the inner world. Symbols that describe the subconscious and the spiritual, which seemingly converse and identify a struggle between good and evil.






Competition Awards


2016 –  1st Award for Young Artist at Osten Biennial of Drawing (Skopje)

2014 –  3rd Drawing Award  in National Competition ” Parallel Roads ” in Vafopoulio Cultural Center of  Thessaloniki


Group exhibitions

2020  –  “The Pikap Community”, Municipal Art Gallery Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki


2019   “Affordable Art”, Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki

–   “Yedi kule Project’’ SKG bridges festival , Thessaloniki

   “Ennio Formes” , Wisedog, Larissa

2018  –  «Τakeda Breakthrough Art-Help», Moscow ,Russia

   Objet in-Connu 2 (Institute of France) A.T.E.I Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

2017  –  Αrt-Map (Thinking Baroque), Βraga, Portugal

2016 –   Osten Biennial of  Drawing- Skopje

2014  – ” Parallel Roads “- Vafopoulio Cultural Center of  Thessaloniki

            – “Open September Festival”- Vault Theatre Plus

            –  “Asberger”-Cheapart-Athens

2013   – Art Space-Athens

            – Art Kolonaki-Athens

2012   – Miy4d Gallery-Athens


Solo exhibitions

2020 – “Flatlands”, To Pikap – Thessaloniki, Greece

2017 –  Myro Gallery-Thessaloniki, Greece

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Photo by Adrianna Calvo